PeaRender Automatic
ArchVis Render Farm

Pay just for successfully completed renders!

Submit 3dsMax Scene or Archive is a Automatic ArchVis Render Farm rendering service. At present, the service supports 3dsmax + V-Ray with other 3D software bundles to come. The service provides the customers with the highest value imaginable, as the most functions are absolutely free of charge. In other words, this is the most generous commercial rendering service ever.

Supported Software

We work hard to make our service better, especially with adding support for some commercial plugins in Max. Also we are always ready to expand the list of supported plugins and software according to users wishes. Just mail us about that on with name of desired plugin or soft.

Autodesk 3dsMax 2018

Chaos Group VRay Adv 3.5

Corona Renderer 1.7

Pay just for successfully completed renders!

Successfully completed render is bought automatically (balance is withdrawn automatically for each successfully completed render).

  • 1 Render Hour of One Node = $1 USD.
  • Per minute payment.
  • 1 Node = Intel Xeon X5650 v2 *2 = 16 Сores / 32 Threads @ 2.60 GHz.
  • Our Cinebench Ranking is about 2070 per Node.

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  1. You send us an archive with 3dsmax scene and specify your email.
  2. We will send you an email with a link to the page, where you can check progress of your file rendering.
  3. When the picture rendering is finished, you will get an email with a link to the page, where you can find the result.
Just press "Erase watermarks" button at the top of the order page.
Please follow (or check) simple list before sending archive on rendering it order to be confident at successful outcome:
  • Launch 3ds Max and open a scene for rendering
  • in 3ds Max main menu choose "File-Save As-Archive"
  • Send archive file to submit

Has the final image the transparency after rendering?

Yes, the final image has transparency after rendering.

To render animations you need to specify frame range in you 3dmax scene:

We don't support direct .3ds file rendering, because it uses old style cameras and frame ranges.
BTW you can create new scene in modern 3dmax and import it.